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Albatross Audio Productions is a music production company established in 2012 by producer Tim Burrows. Services include composition and arrangement, producing, recording, mixing and mastering. All music projects big or small, extravagant or simple are welcome. If you have a project of any kind that you need turned in a professional sounding mix then the Albatross can help you achieve that. Feel free to call to discuss your project or send an with your ideas and a link to your demos to get some feedback and advice on the best way to achieve your goal within your budget.

The Albatross spreads its almighty wings and welcomes all. Please have a listen below to a selection of previous projects.

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Tim is a music lover. When he was younger and effortlessly exuberant, he spent all his spare time playing music in his parent's garage and recording home demos with a friend's 8 track recorder. The young man obsessively learned every Led Zep guitar riff ever written and then proceeded to pick up a multitude of instruments (although he is still yet to master any of them). The early days of 8 track recorders and Led Zep obsession have been and gone, yet the man of the Albatross has continued his quest to seek his true love and has acquired many gadgets and boxes and things with flashing lights to aid in the pursuit of musical production perfection. Tim now spends all his time embracing the music of the world and working his wizardry on it. Outside of this, he likes to go for long walks in the mountains, brew beer and tend to his worm farm whilst imagining himself as a warrior of justice, saving the planet from destruction and bringing peace to all peoples of the Earth.

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Mice on Sitlts - An Ocean Held me EP

Produced, recorded and mixed by Tim Burrows. Recorded at Black Orange Studio and Albatross Studio. Mastered by Vivek Gabriel.

Emily Rice - Find Me Here EP

Produced, recorded and mixed by Tim Burrows. Recorded at Albatross Studio and Black Orange Studio.

Esther Tetlow - Cardboard Castle

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tim Burrows at Albatross Studio. Beats and music created using Ableton Live 9.

We Stole the Sun - This Time We Got it

Prodcued, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tim Burrows at Albatross Studio. Additional recording by Vivek Gabriel at Black Orange Studio.

Outrun the Buffalo - Live at Black Orange Studio

Mixed and mastered by Tim Burrows. Recorded at Black Orange Studio by Vivek Gabriel.


If you would like to enquire about working with the Albatross,
please contact Tim Burrows directly either email or call +64 21 029 83712
Alternatively please fill out the adjacent contact form.
Please feel free to send your demos.


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